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    Account Reconciliation Service

    Reconciling a corporate account can take many hours. Streamline your reconciliation process with INB's comprehensive account reconciliation services. We offer easy-to-use Account Reconciliation products designed to grow with your company. We're flexible, providing many different options so you can receive only information that you want and need. We can perform the entire reconciliation for you or enable you to automate your internal reconcilement by providing an electronic file detailing all items paid during the cycle. We can provide your reconciliation in any medium, such as electronic or paper-based.

    Account Reconciliation Service provides:

    • Increased Efficiency Advanced technology automates the reconciliation process, so your reconciliation is quicker and more cost-effective with reduced potential for errors.
    • Improved Control You have greater control over your accounts so you can simplify your internal reconcilement procedures.
    • Detailed Reporting You can choose from a variety of reporting options that puts the information you need to make critical decisions at your fingertips.
    • Access to Image Technology Expedite your research process with our image Check Warehouse service that lets you view images of your paid checks online, virtually 24 hours a day.

    INB offers three Account Reconciliation products to choose from, you can select the one that is best for your company:

    Full Reconcilement: INB matches paid checks to your issued check register information and provides you with detailed reporting to include checks paid and checks outstanding.

    Partial Reconcilement: INB provides you with detailed information on all checks paid on your account including check numbers, paid dates, and dollar amounts sorted by check number. Positive Pay can be added to your Reconcilement product to help protect your company against fraudulent activity.

    Deposit Reconcilement: A single checking account tracks deposits from all of your branches or stores. A detailed listing of deposits by store or location will be provided.

    INB's Positive Pay Service

    The most effective way to protect your company against check fraud is with INB's Positive Pay service. Your company sends a file of issued checks to INB. As checks clear, INB automatically compares the account number, check number, and dollar amount to the file of issued checks. If those components do not match exactly, the check becomes an "exception item".

    INB notifies your company of the exception items and their corresponding check images on-line each business day. Your company determines the authenticity of each check and provides INB with a pay/no pay decision on-line. Fraudulent items are returned by INB unpaid.

    Positive Pay provides:

    • Convenience Review potentially fraudulent items on-line.
    • Protection Items are paid/returned per your instructions.
    • Peace of Mind Checks are compared to the issue file sent by your company allowing you to return any items that do not match.

    INB's Positive Pay Service allows you to do the following:

    View Exception Report

    INB's Positive Pay Service allows customers to view the exception report and the corresponding check images on-line. Drop down menus are provided allowing customers to provide instructions to pay or return a check.

    Manual Issue

    Customers can enter manual issue or manual void information on-line.

    Check Warehouse

    A check warehouse is available which houses images of cleared checks on-line for a timeframe specified by the customer. Customers can generate reports and perform inquiries by entering criteria for their search. If an issue file is provided, customers can generate reports and perform inquiries based on data from the issue file as well as data INB has captured. For example, a customer can generate a report of all the payments received for a particular customer number, claim number, policy number, or invoice number. After the report is generated, corresponding images of cleared checks are available for viewing.

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