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    Wealth Strategies

    Welcome to INB Wealth Strategies

    Christopher M. Parks, CPA, CFP, Senior Vice President

    Patrick T. Phalen, Executive Vice President

    We're your single-source provider for products and services that can help you achieve long-term financial goals for your family, business or both. With one call you can tap into our legal, tax and general consulting resources. No matter your need - simple term life insurance or the complex process of buying or selling a business - INB Wealth Strategies can help, and save you time in the process. Our unique combination of financial professional experience translates into time savings and added value for our customers.


    Non-Banking Investments

    We bring tailored strategies to fit our client’s needs. We draw from a comprehensive list of financial products and services from numerous companies -  all while keeping it simple by providing a single point of contact for your financial needs.

    Click here for investment information.


    Offering general securities through SWS Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Not FDIC Insured. No Bank Guarantee. May Lose Value.


    Tax Preparation

    Looking for help with your personal or business tax preparation? INB Senior Vice President Chris Parks, CPA is the Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider for tax services in Central Illinois. 

    Click here for access to the Internal Revenue Service's Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center.

    Click here to find the Illinois Internal Revenue Service Taxpayer Assistance Center in your area. 

    Click here for access to the Internal Revenue Service's official You Tube channel, featuring IRS-produced videos on various tax administration topics.



    As a local, independent insurance agent we can offer the right coverage with the personal contact you expect and serve. Our insurance services are provided through independent insurance companies with who we've established successful relationships. Apply now for Assurant Health Insurance.  


    Business Consulting

    Ready for something more sophisticated than basic Quickbooks? Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Chris Parks can help your company maximize the time-saving features of QuickBooks to improve the day-to-day management of your business, big or small. 


    Trust Services

    Revocable Living Trust - INB serves as trustee under an agreement with an individual. INB safeguards assets, advises on investments, collects and distributes income, keeps records and provides reports. Trusts can save you time, taxes, expense, and help you avoid probate.

    Trustee for Foundations and Endowments - INB is named as trustee or investment manager of assets donated to public or private charitable organizations.

    Personal representative - Formally known as executor or administrator, INB is named in a person's estate or is appointed to act as agent for the personal representative. INB is then responsible for collecting, safeguarding, investing and distributing assets, settling claims and paying taxes, and providing accounting to the heirs.

    IRA Rollover - An IRA Rollover can save taxes for a person who has received a distribution from a qualified retirement plan or who wishes to move an IRA from another financial institution. By depositing into a Rollover IRA within 60 days from receipt, you can delay paying taxes on the money and keep earning tax-deferred interest. INB collects and distributes income, keeps records, and provides regular reports.


    Estate Planning

    Wills - A will is a powerful legal document, and is one of the most important components of your overall estate plan. A will can be used to create a trust, under which INB works for the benefit of your heirs. You maintain full control of your assets during your lifetime, and can rest secure in the knowledge that your wishes will be faithfully executed with the provisions set forth in your trust document. 

    Estates - INB's estate planning services include assistance in identifying your assets, determining how you'd like them to be distributed, and utilizing all resources to minimize the impact of estate taxes.

    Trusts - A trust provides you resources to help your assets reach their maximum potential, while minimizing taxes at the same time. You can appoint INB as your trustee, or serve as trustee yourself, naming INB as your successor in the event of your incapacity, death or resignation. Whatever arrangement you choose initially, you always retain the right to alter or cancel that arrangement at any time during your life.

    Inheritance - When coupled with the emotional loss of losing a loved one, inheriting a sum of money can sometimes be overwhelming. INB is available to offer financial guidance for your inheritance. We can help you define your goals, and map out a plan to preserve and grow your wealth.



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