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    Wealth Strategies

    Trust Services

    Revocable Living Trust - INB serves as trustee under an agreement with an individual. INB safeguards assets, advises on investments, collects and distributes income, keeps records and provides reports. Trusts can save you time, taxes, expense, and help you avoid probate.

    Trustee for Foundations and Endowments - INB is named as trustee or investment manager of assets donated to public or private charitable organizations.

    Personal representative - Formally known as executor or administrator, INB is named in a person's estate or is appointed to act as agent for the personal representative. INB is then responsible for collecting, safeguarding, investing and distributing assets, settling claims and paying taxes, and providing accounting to the heirs.

    IRA Rollover - An IRA Rollover can save taxes for a person who has received a distribution from a qualified retirement plan or who wishes to move an IRA from another financial institution. By depositing into a Rollover IRA within 60 days from receipt, you can delay paying taxes on the money and keep earning tax-deferred interest. INB collects and distributes income, keeps records, and provides regular reports.

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