INB app allows you to bank from anywhere

Created by: Marilyn Titone Schaefer

While we love to see our customers face to face, we also know how important it is for you to be able to quickly and conveniently accomplish personal and business financial tasks. We make banking as easy as possible to give you peace of mind and more time with your family, your business and whatever else you love in life! That’s why we want you to try these features of our smartphone app.

  1. Deposit checks. Did someone write you a check for money they owed you? Forget about heading to the bank – simply deposit it into your account via your phone! 
  2. Pay your bills. It doesn’t get much easier! When you log in to the INB app on your smartphone, choose the Move Money feature from the navigation and then follow the prompts to pay all of your outstanding bills. You can even add new payees right from the app, including other people!
  3. Pay with your debit card – without using your debit card. Out to eat and need to pay the bill? Ready to check out at the grocery store? You can use mobile pay apps to easily make payments using your INB debit card. INB offers Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. These apps are even more secure than using your debit card.
  4. Pay quickly for online purchases. Do you need to order a gift from an online wedding registry or purchase a new suit during a website sale for your favorite store? You can do it all from your phone when you use INB’s Visa Checkout. With a single, secure login, you can make payments directly from your checking account.
  5. Check your bank account balances. Nothing gives you peace of mind like than the ability to check on all your account activity at a moment’s notice! 

Using your smartphone to pay online and deposit checks is quick, simple, and, best of all, secure. Why spend more time completing financial tasks than you have to? Taking care of your finances is at the tips of your fingers with INB’s convenient online and mobile banking solutions.

Want extra help? You can view videos of online banking demos that will walk you through the process!

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