INB’s Mortgage Department Finds a Growing Home in the Midwest


By Pat Phalen

Executive Vice President

Home sweet homeThough INB has always had a Mortgage Department, it was in 2012 that mortgage became a prominent focus of the bank with active lenders and a thriving, connected culture.

At the time, INB Mortgage was comprised of three lending officers in the Springfield market, with three operations staff members, and Aaron Sapp (NMLS # 447059) had just jumped on board to lead the growing department.

Active Staff Builds Relationships

“The bank decided to change its mortgage path, from a more passive model accommodating the loans and refinances that came our way to a very active culture where lenders would build solid relationships in local markets,” said Aaron, now vice president, residential mortgage for INB. “It was the beginning of an exciting time for the department.”

Over the course of a few years, we quickly expanded mortgage services into new markets across Illinois. Today, INB Mortgage includes 10 loan officers in four major markets, with 13 operations staff.

We added the Peoria market in mid-2012.  It was a natural fit for mortgage operation because we had a branch already in place. After INB successfully grew commercially in the Bloomington and Champaign markets, mortgage offices were added there as well – Bloomington in 2013 and Champaign in 2016.

“INB Mortgage has a customer-led focus with a lender-friendly approach. Our mortgage lenders promote new business, and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished in six years,” Aaron said.

Team Effort Key to Serving Clients Long After ‘Closing’

Aaron points to the department’s cohesive partnerships, from underwriters to loan processors to lenders, as the key to INB’s accomplishments. Operations staff members are extremely detail-oriented and ensure that our lenders never miss a closing, he noted. 

When Justin Gensler joined the staff as the first mortgage officer for INB Champaign, he was attracted to INB’s successful culture. 

“INB is solution-driven; everyone involved in the loan process collaborates to complete the transaction and serve the client in the best way possible,” he said. “In my initial meetings with INB’s executive team, it was really appealing to see how much the executive team supported the mortgage department and recognized our value in the bank’s overall mission.”

In six years, INB mortgage’s substantial growth has built name recognition and a prospering business model. INB currently claims the #2 spot for market share in Springfield and #3 in Peoria. Based on volume per lender, INB holds the #1 spot in Champaign for mortgage market share.

As we look ahead, INB is poised to expand our outstanding mortgage services throughout the Midwest, thanks to our growth mindset and the leadership of our lending team. INB Mortgage is excited about the culture-driven growth that will continue to successfully propel us into sustainable new markets.

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