Forrest Brake Adding Value to Chatham Branch


By: Kelly Raison

Vice President & Chatham Branch Manager

INB’s Forrest Brake recently shared this thought: “People will enter your lives like a credit.  Others will transfer out of your lives like a debit. Just know there will be more deposits, some are just worth a little more than others.”

This quote is appropriate for a banking professional and someone who brings a wealth of banking knowledge to INB. For his efforts, he was recently promoted to Assistant Branch Manager at our Chatham Branch.

Forrest Brake, assistant branch managerForrest joined the INB team in January with five years of banking experience. Prior to making the move to INB, he spent a year in Chicago. Of that time, he says, “I experienced the city life long enough to know that I enjoy the smaller community feel.”

Forrest says he hadn’t planned a career in banking, but really enjoyed meeting new people and helping them. “Customer service is something I have always excelled at. I fell into banking and have enjoyed every moment of it since.”

A Day in the Life

Forrest talks about his typical work day. “Well, I definitely start out with a cup of coffee,” he laughs.  Then he begins greeting customers. “The number of customers I work with vary from day to day, depending on if I am helping out at the teller line, making some phone calls, or meeting them in person. I try to reach out to as many customers as I can, by helping make their banking easier.”  In his new role, he also has some behind the scene responsibilities such as preparing reports and balancing cash in the vault against a day’s transactions.

When looking at himself, Forrest says, “My greatest strength would be my drive to avoid being stagnant. I want to continue to build myself up, not only professionally, but also personally. I feel like if you have goals set and you’re ambitious, nothing will be able to hold you back.”

Days Moving Forward

As he looks to the future, Forrest realizes he will need to continue to adapt. “I think we can all agree banking isn’t the same it was 20 years ago. Right now we’re getting further away from dealing with actual cash transactions. I’m buying stuff with my watch at most places now. As long as I am willing to accept innovation and stay on top of the constant change, then I will be in a very good spot in the future.”

As a relatively new INB employee, Forrest is just getting to know his work family.  He says: “Over the years, I have been blessed with an awesome group of regulars that count on me to help them out with whatever they need. Granted I am at a new financial institution, I am beyond ecstatic to make new relationships and watch them grow!”

When he’s not working, Forrest spends time watching sports and enjoying the company of his girlfriend, pets, friends and family.  He recently joined the Chatham Chamber of Commerce and helped out the American Business Club last year at the state fair.

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