Lock Box

INB’s Lock Box Service provides your company with faster processing and improved cash flow.

Lock Box is customized to capture your company’s specific remittance data. The data captured corresponds to payment information that is then transmitted to your company electronically or placed on a secure FTP Web Site for you to access.

Through our online image service, you can also quickly access images of your checks and remittance documents, as well as generate reports and inquires based on criteria specified by you. Information on exception items can be input to accelerate processing.

INB can also perform credit card authorizations and settlement, providing alternative forms of payment to your customers.

With INB’s Lock Box Service, your company can take advantage of:

  • Payments research. Check and coupon information and images can be accessed online. Reports can be generated and inquiries can be performed on the payments received by check number, dollar amount, or other customer specific criteria.
  • Exceptions research. As exceptions are identified by INB, they will be made available online for customer review. You can then input the missing information to correct the exception condition. The completed exception transaction can be added to the rest of payment processing for that same day.
  • NSF research. Images of NSF, or non-sufficient funds, checks are made available for customer review to enhance collection practices. You can edit return items to re-clear the item a second time or accept the item as a first-time return.