Online Services

Business Online Banking

INB’s online Cash Management System puts you in complete control of all of your INB business accounts. The INB Cash Management System is available at anytime, anywhere, so you can run your business on your schedule. Complete fund transfers, run activity reports, and organize payroll from one convenient system. And because the system is internet-based, you don’t need to add more software to your own system; all you need is access to the internet and a secure web browser.

With INB’s Cash Management System, your business can:

  • Review account activity
  • Transfer funds between INB accounts
  • View images of cancelled checks
  • Complete wire transfers
  • Download account activity into your accounting system
  • Move funds from other financial institutions into your INB account
  • Pay your employees with direct deposit
  • Request copies of checks and statements
  • Initiate stop payment requests
  • Pay your bills

A Cash Management demonstration will allow you to view a sample account to see how these tools will help you manage your business.  Click here to view an Interactive Demo.

Mobile Business Banking

Our mobile app allows you to approve wires and ACH batches and view balances and transactions.

Image Services

With INB’s image/data warehouse, you can retrieve images of cleared and deposited checks instantaneously. We keep images of these checks online for a timeframe chosen by you. You can perform inquiries and generate listings by entering criteria for your search.

Cleared Checks

Images of cleared checks are available online for quick, convenient access. You provide a containing all of the checks you’ve issued, then we will build and maintain a database associating the issue information with the corresponding cleared information. The database enables you to use search functions, so that you can search by voucher or invoice number when looking for a copy of a cleared check, and you can generate reports and perform inquiries. After you generate the report, you’ll be able to see images of cleared checks.

Deposited Checks and Coupons

We can image deposited checks and corresponding coupons or invoices for online access. You can generate reports and inquiries on the payments received by searching for check number, dollar amount or other specific criteria. Any field that contains data captured by INB is available to perform a search.

We can provide this service in conjunction with our Lockbox Service. A deposited check and coupon warehouse creates an archive as well as an invaluable tool for your customer service employees to use when researching payments.