Digital Services

  Digital Business Banking

INB's business banking provides a digital banking product that is among the best. With it, we are able to make future enhancement more easily than we once could, helping assure you always have the most up-to-date digital services possible. With our product, you are able to: 

  • access 24 months of statements in your online account.
  • see all deposited items that make up a single deposit.
  • take care of Positive Pay, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Automated Clearing House (ACH) and other business banking activity with one sign on.
  • send Positive Pay files online, view exceptions, and make pay/no pay decisions online.
  • create a single ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction without creating a batch.
  • to see notifications of change and return if you originate an ACH.
  • access your ACH EDI addenda records.
  • receive alerts including balance levels, wire transfer approvals, and password changes. ACH and wire users can receive an alert via email when a transaction is submitted. 
  • turn business debit cards off and on.

Click here to view an interactive demo.

  Image Services

With INB’s image/data warehouse, you can retrieve images of cleared and deposited checks instantaneously. We keep images of these checks online for a timeframe chosen by you. You can perform inquiries and generate listings by entering criteria for your search.

Cleared Checks

Images of cleared checks are available online for quick, convenient access. You provide a list containing all of the checks you’ve issued, then we will build and maintain a database associating the issue information with the corresponding cleared information. The database enables you to use search functions, so that you can search by voucher or invoice number when looking for a copy of a cleared check, and you can generate reports and perform inquiries. After you generate the report, you’ll be able to see images of cleared checks.

Deposited Checks and Coupons

We can image deposited checks and corresponding coupons or invoices for online access. You can generate reports and inquiries on the payments received by searching for check number, dollar amount or other specific criteria. Any field that contains data captured by INB is available to perform a search.

We can provide this service in conjunction with our Lockbox Service. A deposited check and coupon warehouse creates an archive as well as an invaluable tool for your customer service employees to use when researching payments. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Treasury Services Support Team at 217-747-8636.